Carano Software Solutions GmbH

Carano Software Solutions GmbH based in Berlin is one of the leading providers of software solutions related to the lifecycle of vehicles in company car fleets. Carano offers professional software solutions with a high degree of standardization for commercial fleets, financial and fleet service providers and car dealerships. Among the customers of Carano are for example BWFuhrpark (the fleet of the German armed forces), Arval (leading leasing provider), Fleetlevel+ (fleet service provider for BMW) and Swisscom (one of the biggest company fleets in Switzerland). In various individual projects, e.g. for Deutsche Bahn, DEKRA or VR-Leasing, Carano has also shown the technical expertise for lastingly usable software systems. As a forward-looking provider with cloud-based solutions Carano is already leading the market when it comes to integrated business processes between leasing companies and fleet managers. The cloud solutions are supplemented by mobile applications, e.g. for damage management and vehicle procurement considering environmental aspects.

Previous work relating to the project

Carano has already implemented concepts for the shared use of fleets in so-called fleet pools. In this context initial solutions for mobile access are available, which can be used as a basis for the Shared E-Fleet project. Here, instruments for comprehensive analysis and controlling (based on raw data of the fleets) are central components. A concept for processing dynamic journey data, like consumption, vehicle wear or driving behaviour, is in progress. Early approaches for mobile provision are also available. For Yoove-Mobility (lessor of Segways) a technical concept with a B2C- and a B2B-approach has been developed. It focused on availability and considered technical limitations. The returning of the vehicles is supported by Carano with a new concept based on mobile phones which speeds up the processing and increases legal certainty.

Central activities in the project

  • Leader of the consortium (project management)
  • Cloud solution for operating shared electric vehicle fleets
  • Fleet-related business processes concerning electric mobility for the entire vehicle lifecycle
  • Mobile applications supporting fleet processes, e.g. damage management, vehicle scheduling, returning vehicles etc.
  • Platform for data analysis of fleet and vehicle movement data


Carano Software Solutions GmbH
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin

Contact person for Shared E-Fleet

Norman Natzke
Phone: +49 (0)30 399944-27