The Project: ICT solution for the shared use of electric vehicle fleets

The Shared E-Fleet research project aims to work up a cloud-based ICT solution for electric fleets used in the business sector. Shared E-Fleet focuses on developing suitable concepts for the corporate application.

The project specifically addresses small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) which are located close to each other. Sites such as technology parks offer the best conditions to companies interested in using shared “green” vehicle fleets.

The concepts can be used effectively in the context of municipalities associated with several authorities or in the context of individual companies as well.

Business carsharing in pilot operation

The developed concepts and solutions will be tested under realistic conditions in a pilot scheme. Companies located at the technology parks STEP (Stuttgarter Engineering Park) in Stuttgart and MTZ (Münchner Technologiezentrum) in Munich as well as the city of Magedburg are presently able to test the innovative business-carsharing-concept within three Pilot Projects.

“ICT for Electric Mobility II: Smart Car – Smart Grid – Smart Traffic”

The Shared E-Fleet project is part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) research program “ICT for Electric Mobility II: Smart Car – Smart Grid – Smart Traffic”.

In the research program a total of 16 projects are developing new electric mobility concepts and technologies on the basis of modern information and communications technology (ICT) by the end of 2015. The concepts range from the interaction of intelligent vehicle technology in the electric car (Smart Car) and power supply (smart grid) to traffic management systems (smart traffic).