Recent results from the Shared E-Fleet project

In October 2013 the implementation phase of the Shared E-Fleet project started. In this phase the software modules will be implemented which provide the basis for the pilot scheme starting in the middle of 2014.

In the preceding design phase the pilot partners developed, among other things, concepts for cloud-based management of electric vehicle fleets, an intelligent charging control and cross-company vehicle operation scheduling. Further results concern smartphone-based access to vehicles and charging stations and smart traffic applications. Also the basic platform for the communication of the software modules has been designed. Thus the first milestone was reached in September 2013 and, following the analysis, the design has also been completed.

Previous results

User study “Electric vehicles in a business context”

In July 2013 the study “Electric vehicles in a business context” with the results of the user study was published. The study provides important insights into the user behavior of the future users. According to the survey, the majority of the respondents go on business trips only on one or two days of the week and often use their private vehicles. Regarding the project Shared E-Fleet, these results show that a shared electric vehicle fleet is economically reasonable for a lot of companies.

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