Opening event Shared E-Fleet at STEP

Opening event Shared E-Fleet at STEP

4 June 2014 in Stuttgart

As of June 2014 about a dozen companies at STEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park will be using electric vehicles for their business trips. On Wednesday, 4 June, the opening event “Shared E-Fleet” with the Mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn took place. In his address Mr. Kuhn pointed out: “The shared electric vehicle fleet for businesses is an important step towards a greater acceptance of electric mobility”.

Harald Blum, managing director of STEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park GmbH, stated: “This is an exciting time for our technology park; we are happy that our companies are the first ones that can use a Shared E-Fleet and test the IT solutions”.

In his presentation of the project Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer from Fraunhofer IAO summed up the advantages of the cloud-based solutions for the involved parties: “The companies get an easy-to-use mobility solution without investment, their employees can conveniently book their trips and the fleet operator keeps track of his vehicles.” Taken as a whole, the IT solutions increase the utilization rate of the vehicles and therefore the operational efficiency.

In the following panel discussion Mr. Kuhn, Mr. Blum and Prof. Dr. Bauer, together with Christian Liebich from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the project partners Matthias von Tippelskirch, managing director of Caranco Software Solutions GmbH, and Joachim Leicher, member of the management of TWT GmbH, talked about the opportunities and challenges for electric mobility.

Afterwards, the Mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn was the first to unlock one of the four BMW i3 via the Shared E-Fleet smartphone app and carry out the first test drive. The guests and journalists then also made use of the opportunity to go for a test drive with the electric vehicles.

The pilot project at STEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park sounds the bell for the pilot phase of the Shared E-Fleet project. In early July the second pilot project will start in Munich at MTZ (Münchner Technologiezentrum). Madgeburg, the capital city of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt with about 3500 employees working for the local authorities and municipal undertakings, will take part in the scheme as a pilot user later in 2014.


Mayor Fritz Kuhn (left) inaugurates the first "Shared E-Fleet" at STEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park with Prof. Wilhelm Bauer (right) (Picture: Lothar Fischer © Fraunhofer IAO)


From left to right: Joachim Laicher, TWT GmbH; Harald Blum, STEP Stuttgarter Engineering Park GmbH; Fritz Kuhn, Mayor of Stuttgart; Matthias von Tippelskirch, Carano Software Solutions GmbH; Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer, Fraunhofer IAO; Christian Liebich, Federal Ministy for Economic Affaris and Energy (Picture: Lothar Fischer © Fraunhofer IAO)