Fields of innovation

Fields of innovation for electric mobility

Innovative solutions concerning the following aspects will be developed and tested in the project Shared E-Fleet:

  • Cross-company, dynamic planning of vehicle operation schedules for shared fleets in order to increase the utilization rate
  • Intelligent charging control aligned with vehicle operation schedules by simulating ideal charging curves for the entire electric vehicle fleet at the location; integration of smart grid solutions with fleet management solutions; charging control via a cloud-based ICT solution; thus useable for charging at the company’s location as well as for decentralized charging using private infrastructure; load optimization and charging with renewable energy
  • Integration into an intelligent traffic system by providing and analyzing comprehensive real-time operating data of the vehicles; used for proactive fleet management and intermodal trip planning resulting in efficient use of energy
  • Providing smart apps on an open service market place by third parties to simplify the use of electric vehicles
  • Partnering models: offering electric vehicles from partner motor pools at other locations combined with public transport, including the integration of third party charging infrastructure
  • Use of smartphones for easy access and identity management, enabling  mobile access to electric vehicles as well as public and private charging infrastructure
  • Simplified billing models and charging infrastructure in partner motor pools for third party (e.g. car parks, hotels etc.) and private infrastructure; development of business models for joint operation and application across different motor pools
  • Simulation and analysis for demand forecasts, optimizing electric vehicle fleets and charging strategies